Day 2 – Taking The 2% Challenge – The Millionare Blueprint

The funds from my day trade yesterday have not settled in my account yet. Also, since I can’t make more than 3 day trades in a 5 business day period, I have decided that I will only place a day trade every other day. That works out to 2 or 3 trades every 5 business days. So today I will not be trading.

My account still needs to grow by 2% which today is $49.97. Since I am generating more than that in daily income from my day job and side hustles, I am transferring $50 into the account.

Day 2
Starting Balance: $2499.15
2% Goal: $49.97
Ending Balance Goal: $2548.57 (based on original calculations)
Actual Ending Balance: $2549.15


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