Day 3 – Taking The 2% Challenge – The Millionaire Blueprint

I am so not a fan of day trading. Few things are more boring than watching a stock’s price fluctuate on a chart on a computer screen. I find it to be incredibly unproductive. I definitely prefer to be creating something or producing something instead. I love to create something that did not previously exist and then be able to monetize that creation. It’s much more fun and much more satisfying.

Today, I bought 80 shares of AMC, hoping to make at least part of the 2% growth that I needed today. Instead, the price went down. The current balance on the account is $2509.16. I did not sell before the end of the day, but instead decided to let it ride. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and the stock market is open for a full day. I’m hoping to be able to realize some profits tomorrow. Also, by buying today and selling tomorrow, the trade does not qualify as a day trade.

However, I still need 2% growth in the account, so I will be making another transfer into the account. This one is $51.00.

Day 3
Starting Balance: $2549.15
2% Goal: $50.97
Ending Balance Goal: $2599.55 (based on original calculations)
Actual Ending Balance: $2560.16


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